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Foundation Level Exam Preparation for Software Testing

Welcome to the Foundation Level Exam Preparation for Software Testing course, your comprehensive guide to mastering the essential principles and techniques of software testing required to excel in the ISTQB Foundation Level exam.


What does the course include?

Comprehensive coverage of ISTQB Foundation Level exam topics, interactive lessons with real-world examples, engaging quizzes and assessments, expert instruction from industry professionals, practice exercises and sample exam questions, access to a supportive learning community, bonus material for additional study.

Course plan

This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to prepare participants for the ISTQB Foundation Level exam, covering all essential topics required for certification success. Here’s what you can expect throughout the course:

  1. Introduction to Software Testing

    • Understanding the role and importance of software testing
    • Overview of the ISTQB certification framework
  2. Fundamentals of Testing

    • Key principles and terminology of software testing
    • Testing objectives and fundamentals of the testing process
  3. Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

    • Integration of testing activities into different phases of SDLC
    • Importance of early testing and defect prevention
  4. Static Testing

    • Techniques and benefits of static testing
    • Review processes, walkthroughs, and inspections
  5. Test Analysis and Design

    • Test design fundamentals and techniques
    • Equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, and decision tables
  6. Managing Test Activities

    • Test planning, estimation, monitoring, and control
    • Test documentation and reporting
  7. Test Tools and Automation

    • Overview of testing tools and their categories
    • Introduction to test automation and its benefits
  8. ISTQB Exam Preparation

    • Tips and strategies for approaching the exam
    • Practice exercises and sample questions to reinforce learning
    • Mock exam to assess readiness for certification

Throughout the course, participants will engage in interactive lessons, quizzes, and practical exercises to deepen their understanding of each topic. Expert instruction from industry professionals ensures a high-quality learning experience, while access to a supportive learning community allows for collaboration and knowledge sharing. By the end of the course, participants will be well-equipped to confidently tackle the ISTQB Foundation Level exam and advance their careers in software testing.

Price: $9.99 $19.99

The course is available on the Udemy platform

Course: „ISTQB Foundation Level: Exam Preparation” is available on the Udemy platform. It is one of the most popular platforms for creating and publishing online courses. It offers features such as:

Answers for your questions

The practical QA software testing course is intended for beginners who want to start their adventure with software testing or want to get their first job as a software tester. However, if you already know the basics and/or work as a software tester, you will certainly find something for yourself. A course related to automation or performance testing may be a good choice.

Current prices of available software tester courses may change at any time, depending on whether the udemy portal is running a promotion. Each month a discount is granted, reducing the price of the course by up to 40-50%.

Each course is fully discussed in the first video, which is available free of charge to everyone. Usually, courses are divided into modules in which I discuss each tool, program or theory in detail. For the practical QA software testing course, I started with a theory in which I explained test levels, test types, 7 principles of software testing. Then I moved on to practical examples of manual testing. I explained the use of Postman, jmeter, devtools, SQL, the JIRA error management system and TestLink.

To enroll in a software testing course (automation, hands-on QA testing or any other), simply purchase it on the Udemy platform. Then you will automatically receive access to the course and you will be able to start working on it right away.

It depends on whether you complete the course 🙂 If you succeed, of course you will receive one. Udemy specially generates such certificates after each completed course. It may prove useful, especially when you are looking for a job as a software tester.

Who am I?

My name is Rafał Podraza. I started my adventure with creating websites and web applications at the age of 12, where I created my first website with browser games and chat. Professionally, he has been working as a QA for several years and deals with testing and automation of various IT systems, mainly web and mobile applications.